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ikonograph's Journal

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This community is dedicated to icons, userpics, avatars and anything else you can fit in the space of one hundred by one hundred pixels. We don't require any specific fandoms, nor any specific design styles. We do have a couple of rules though:

1. Pornographic and explicit icons are allowed, but please put the images behind a cut with a warning; it's only fair on everyone else.

2. Icons must be 100x100 pixels. Transparency is fine [PNG preferred over GIF but GIF is ok if you have to] but the overall size of the icon should be 100x100. Use the space people, it's small enough as it is :P

3. If you are posting more than six icons, please place the seventh icons and after behind a cut.

4. Most importantly; Comment if you like something and want to take it, and give credit in the keywords at your own journal. It's the right thing to do people...


The joining process is simple. To join, click here. After that, click here and send me an email with three icons that you have made. They can be anything at all: any fandom, any style and made with any program. Pornographic images are allowed. Even Harry Potter is alowed. Anything is allowed, just so long as you made it, and it's 100x100 pixels. This is just to check that you can make userpics. The decision will not be made by my personal tastes. I don't have to like them, I just wanna see em.

If you are not an icon maker, and just wish to friend and take icons; click here